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Most people seem to think that estate agents earn a lot of money for doing very little. This is in most cases not true and agents that does not work hard, do not earn a lot of money. To sell property is a full time job that normally would start at 08h30 in the morning and would hardly ever end before 20h00 in the evening. This is also a 7 day a week job. 

During the process of selling property, a lot of expenses are incurred such as: telephone, cell phone, advertising, internet, advertising consumables, office rent, petrol & other transport expenses such as repairs, services, licences, insurance, etc. and if a house is on open mandate, luck works as such that the agent that works the hardest on a property more that likely does not sell that property.





When an Offer to Purchase has been signed, the agent's/agency's work is not done. In fact most of the work now only start: 

*    Arrange finance:

        -    arrange & collect all documentation

        -    arrange for a financial institution to evaluate the purchaser

        -    assist with the valuation process

*    Assist the attorneys with collecting information

*    Assist in obtaining electricity and beetle certificates

*    Continuous liaison between seller, buyer, attorneys and any other parties involved.

Homemakers offer the following services:


Selling of properties:

            -    draft a marketing plan if it is a sole mandate

            -    advertise the property as per the marketing plan

            -    show the property to potential buyers

            -    conclude deal

bulletValuation of properties for marketing purposes
bulletProperty investment advice
bulletFinancing of properties

and........all of this is done FREE of charge if your property is not sold!!!

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