Selling privately

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When selling property, the first questions that come to mind are: Do I appoint an agent to sell my property or do I sell it privately? Which agent do I appoint? If I appoint an agent, do I give him/her a Sole Mandate? (see Sole Mandates) What will my asking price be? How long will the property be in the market?

A lot of Sellers believe that it is easier & more cost effective to sell their properties privately. Although some private sellers are successful, most of these private sellers eventually sell their properties through Estate Agents. 

If one consider all the Pro's & Con's, it is by far the better route to use a reputable estate agent to sell a property.

bulletMost estate agents will give you a valuation of your property and  recommend an asking price, based on the valuation, for your property. Remember; they know what is happening in your area.
bulletIf you give a Sole Mandate to an estate agent, you will get a written marketing plan for your property and you can expect regular feedback from the agent.
bulletAll marketing efforts by the estate agent are free. They will advertise, have open houses, place the property on the web, etc.
bulletWhen you appoint an estate agent to market your property, you only pay on the successful sale of the property and there are NO UPFRONT FEES. You only pay once there are results!
bulletOnce a property is sold by an estate agent, they stay part of the process and would normally take care of the acquisition of finance, assist the finance house's valuators, assist with the obtaining of electricity & beetle certificates, assist the transferring & registering attorneys, communicate continuously between all the parties re: progress, occupation dates, etc.



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