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Homemakers offer FREE valuations on residential properties.

It is VERY important to price your property right before putting it on the market. (see Pricing)

In preparing  a valuation for your property, we use 3 bases:


CMA - Comparative Market Analysis


Costing method


Comparative Municipal Valuation method

All three these methods are explained in a bit more detail later. Averages are drawn from the results of the 3 methods and a marketing price is recommended from this information.


MARKET VALUE   - This is the price a willing buyer is prepared to pay a willing seller for a property on a specific time. This must not be confused with the Asking Price.










This analysis uses 3 categories:

  1. Properties already sold

  2. Properties currently in the market and

  3. Your property

From this information, a comparison is drawn between similar properties in order to determine an asking price. Every house is unique and therefore there are differences between these properties. The CMA is only a guide and reasons for selling & buying is also important.

Buyers do comparisons between properties when they buy and therefore this method is probably the most accurate.



The actual sizes, quality and finishes of the stand, improvement/s, garden, security, pool, etc.  are taken into account and a price is calculated from these inputs. This method is also quite accurate and the result is often with rands of the CMA method.



Here we use municipal valuations as a guide. Actual sales are compared with the municipal valuations and an average factor calculated. This is then used to calculate a price for the valuation.